Extreme Motocross

Extreme Motocross

Extreme Motocross

Gamayun Productions Racing

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First Ever FLOATING Freestyle Motocross Course - Red Bull X-Fighters Munich 2014

Extreme Motocross FMX & Speedway compilation - Edit 2013

Freestyle Motocross Progression in Mexico - Red Bull X-Fighters 2015

Become the best rider in the world in the new MotoCross Freestyle game!
Do as many tricks as you can … if you dare! But mind you don’t fall …
Share your score with your friends on the Internet and challenge the world
Game features
 • Wide variety of tricks to master
 • Realistic 3D modelling and animation for believable jumps and tricks
 • Original music and sound effects for a better playing experience
 • Unique game experience

* fixed a bug on certain devices with OpenGL Init
* added a custom color menu